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How Money Works Book Spread

Can a book about money change lives?

Solving financial illiteracy–the #1 economic crisis in the world–is a big challenge for one book to tackle.To help, all you have to do is read it.

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Book Pages Read

28 Million pages read

Based on books shared with readers since October 2019

Hector excited about becoming financially literate

It's so EXCITING- page-by-page, Financial literacy is on the move!

Sarah telling Hector to read more

Less talk, more reading, Hector!

Stop Being A Sucker

How does reading the book help?

There are over 5 billion people in the world who don’t know how money really works, which makes them easy targets for anyone who does. Once you’ve read the book, there will be one less sucker in the world.

One life changed at a time.That's how we do this.

Financial books suck.This one doesn't.

Books about money usually read like textbooks written for financial experts—which is exactly what they are.

Eradicating financial illiteracy requires a book that delivers just what you need to know. It’s a book that must be simple, powerful, and fun... with a touch of humor.This is that book.

TJ annoyed by other financial books.

What also sucks are books that take forever to read. This one only takes about an hour.

How Money Works book is interactive

It's a book that invites interaction.

Scribble right on the page. Answer fun questions along the way. Get to know the characters. And complete the eye-opening money discovery at the end of the book.It’s an experience that will prepare you for the next step–mastering your money.

Includes the 7 Money Milestones

The 7 Money Milestones give you a detailed plan, guiding you from being clueless to confident about money. It’s the missing piece that no one taught you—exactly what to do and how to do it.

The 7 Money Milestones

Over325,000In Print

It’s one of the top selling, most read self-improvement books of the past year for one reason.It's changing lives.

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