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The Concepts and Action Steps They Didn’t Teach You In School

Financial Literacy That Fits Your Needs

Whether you’re an individual or a company with many employees, the Course can be personalized to your education needs.
"The workshop at our school with our teachers and administrators removed so much confusion and gave so much clarity."
– Michael K., Student
"The Course was presented to my family over ZOOM. I can’t believe the level of information and strategic steps that were packed into the material."
– David L., Student
"Over the course of two months, every one of our employees went through the Course. They’re still telling me that it’s the best ‘Lunch and Learn’ we’ve ever done!"
– Sadie R., HR Director
Our course can include a Q&A discussion or be a seminar style presentation.
From a crash-course to an in-depth multi-session format, we can fit your time frame.
From casual to professional, we can match the style that will be most appropriate for your audience.
Choose from remote, webinar-style, in-person, and on-site options for your attendees.

What Students Learn

We’ve distilled the endless world of information and advice about money into one Course that gives you everything you need to know to start working with a financial professional with confidence.
Discover why financial education matters and how it impacts every area of your life.
Understand the basic principles that can make or break your financial future.
Learn the practical, proven action steps to take in the short-term and long-term.

The 7 Money Milestones

The Course is based on our best-selling book, HowMoneyWorks: Stop Being a Sucker, which is your step-by-step field guide to create financial security and independence.

Financial Topics We Cover

We transform knowledge into simple action steps.


  • Debt
  • Income/Savings Protection
  • Emergency Funds
  • Credit Cards
  • Cash Flow


  • Impact of Taxes
  • Long-Term Care
  • Building Wealth
  • Living Will
  • Legacy Preservation
It’s a personal finance
– Kahm V., Student
Finally, I know what to do and not to do.
– Kendra R., Student
The Cast of Characters in the Course is one example of why people love the experience. It’s designed to be fun, engaging, and actionable from start to finish.
– Matt Luckey, Course Co-creator

Why The course Works

Our Universal Style and Approach


All the fat present in most financial courses has been cut, so you’re left with just what matters.


Teenagers all the way up to seniors can learn and leverage the information and actions.


Bright. Colorful. Bold. The entire course is designed with character and personality.


Free of internet trends or financial fads in our course, our strategies remain relevant.


The material is designed with ideas and words that anyone can understand and apply.


The Course is designed so students can immediately start applying new knowledge.

Who says a serious financial education can’t be seriously enjoyable?

Hmm. I’ll have to think about that one...
It’s rhetorical, TJ.

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