Teach It Forward: Empowering Students with Financial Literacy Across North America

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Campaign Goal - 10,000 Students Educated

The mission of our financial literacy campaign is to teach financial literacy to 100,000 students across America, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

4 Lifelong Effects of Financial Illiteracy


A life of foolish spending

We call the habit of mindless spending the Sucker Cycle. It’s often the reason so many families can be financially ruined by a single emergency and never overcome the pressure of living paycheck-to-paycheck.


A future of debilitating debt

The average university student exits college with an average of $28,950 in debt.1 Debt can prevent students from enjoying the career, home, hobbies, relationships, goals, and retirement they have for their future.


A marriage full of disruption

According to Marriage.com, 41% of couples who get divorced state financial incompatibility as a ‘final straw’ reason.2 Disagreements over financial goals and spending between spouses can cause tension, resentment, and arguments that can fester for years.


A retirement of broken dreams

The median retirement savings for American families is just $65,0003—barely enough to cover the first few years of retirement. Millions of Americans enter their golden years unprepared, forced to scale back their lifestyle and continue working for a wage.

All four of these disasters can be avoided with one simple change:

Financial Literacy Taught in Schools.

If learned by adulthood, the knowledge of how money works and the actions to take throughout the various stages of life could mean the difference between poverty and prosperity in every community in North America.

1. “2023 Student Loan Debt Statistics: Average Student Loan Debt,” Forbes, July 2023
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3. "What is the Average Retirement Savings by Age,” NerdWallet, June 2023

Our Financial Educators are partnering with local school systems, private schools, homeschools, colleges, and universities to end financial illiteracy in North America.

Tom Mathews

Author, HowMoneyWorks: Stop Being A Sucker

For whatever reason, schools don’t teach healthy spending habits, short-term money management, and building and protecting wealth for the long-term. If they won’t teach it, we must.

Andy Horner

Author, HowMoneyWorks: Stop Being A Sucker