7 Money Milestones: Your Path to Financial Security and Independence
The proven steps that can guide you to the summit of financial security and independence.
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Don't go
it alone.
In the book, HowMoneyWorks: Stop Being a Sucker, you learn that having a financial professional to guide you is as vital as having a financial education. Find one first before you start Milestone 2.
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Dana, you're a smarty pants. Can I get'cha to be my financial pro?
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Acquire a Financial Education

Before you start making decisions about your money—especially those that impact your family and future in major ways—it's important to have an education.
That's where HowMoneyWorks: Stop Being a Sucker comes into play.
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After you've read the book, you can check this Milestone off. Woohoo!
My financial professional helped me with questions like, “How much do I need?” and “What kind should I get?”

Ensure Proper Protection

After you've read the book, proper protection of your income should be the next Milestone to complete.
Why? Because financial hardship after the loss of a spouse or business partner can be hard to recover from. To protect your income for all those who depend on you, sit down with your financial professional ASAP to talk about life insurance.
Already have life insurance? When was the last time you had a review?

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With a few tips, I was surprised how quickly I was able to build up 3-6 months of income. So no excuses!

Establish an Emergency Fund

Think about the three little pigs. One was ready for the unexpected. Two weren't.
To prepare for life's big bad wolves, it's important that you set up an emergency fund. It's a designated stash of cash at your fingertips to help you recover from unforeseen expenses so you won't derail your financial strategy or deplete your savings account.

Implement Debt Management Strategies

With financial protection in place and your emergency fund in the works, it's time to face your debt.
For many, it is THE greatest obstacle to a sound financial future and financial independence. Debt is a sweeping crisis perpetuated by a society of suckers led astray by the “instant gratification” desires of our generation.
That's a mouthful—but it's true.
I'm still in debt, but with accountability and a game plan, I'm heading in the right direction—and it feels great!
I increased my cash flow by selling my Fire-in-the-Hole chili in Hector's food trucks. Where there's a will to make more, there's a way.

Enhance Your Cash Flow

Cash flow is the money you have available to spend or to save.
After you have established financial protection, an emergency fund, and a debt strategy, you're in a position to focus on your cash flow, which can help you eliminate debt and grow savings faster.
The key to cash flow is examining, managing, and reducing expenses.

Accelerate Wealth Building

For many who have saved little to date, growing wealth may seem like pie in the sky. But it should be a commitment to get serious about as soon as possible.
Knuckle down with your financial professional to begin your asset accumulation strategy so you can build wealth for both quality and longevity of life.
Find out what your retirement numbers are—how much income you want to live on—and then set a goal and strategy to get there.
George's chili is kill'n it in my trucks, but you might not have a secret sauce to sell. That's OK! With the book and your financial professional, you will learn some amazing principles and strategies to save and grow your wealth.
I look at it like this: Some responsibilities are so important, you have to push pause on life for a moment and get it done.

Fortify Wealth Protection

Having an estate plan in place is critical to protecting your wealth, so your assets end up in the hands of your loved ones—not in the control of the court system.
Think it will be too expensive or time- consuming to get your estate plan done? Then you haven't considered the cost and time it could steal from your loved ones down the road if you don't.
There's no good reason to delay checking this final Milestone off the list. Do it immediately.

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